Bits and pieces

Video of 'The Great Unifier: Form and the Unity of the Organism', delivered at Senate House, London, June 2016.

Interview with BioEdge, republished at MercatorNet, on the current state of bioethics.

Podcast on 'The Morality of Reputation and the Judgment of Others' for the Journal of Practical Ethics (2013; interview by David Edmonds of Philosophy Bites).

Audio of talk 'Appearance and Reality: What Plato Can Teach Journalists and the Media', Christ Church College, Oxford, Feb. 2010. The talk is 1 hr 26 min., including Q&A. mp3 (80 mb); wma (40 mb). For the text of the talk, see here.

Audio of talk on Aquinas's First Way, given at the Joseph Butler Society, Oriel College, Oxford, May 2009. The talk is 1 hour, followed by 1 hour of Q&A. mp3 (113 mb); wma (57 mb).

Audio of talk 'Why Peter Singer is Wrong', with accompanying Powerpoint slideshow, delivered at Princeton on 6 Dec. 2006. The text of the talk is available from me by email. (audio file is 44 mb; 1 hr 33 min.)

Video of a lecture, followed by Q&A, on 'The Metaphysical Foundations of Natural Law' (delivered at the Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., Sept. 2005. Both files are .wmv and can be played on Windows Media Player; lecture is 1 hr 16 min., Q&A is 53 min.)

Interview with Victor Tsilonis, originally published in the University of Nottingham law school magazine; this version appeared in Intellectum, a Greek publication.

Review of Jeffrey Burton Russell, Inventing the Flat Earth